MFT researchers presenting at ECREA 2018

MFT researchers will be contributing to the 7th European Communication Conference (ECC), taking place from 31st of October to the 3rd of November, in Lugano, Switzerland. This year, the conference aims to address the theme “Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation”.

Dr Indira Dupius’s lecture “Transgressing governmental discourse hegemony: When media reporting changed established communication rules in communist Poland and Hungary” will be on the 1st of November, from 9:00-9:15 during the session “Wag the media: communication and politics in historical perspective”.

Dr Hanan Badr presents the paper of Prof. Dr. Carola Richter, Dr. Indira Dupuis and herself “How media delegitimizes regimes: Comparing the role of the media in triggering transformation processes in Poland 1989 and Egypt 2011”. The presentation takes place on the 3rd of November, from 9:45-10:00 under the session “Media and democratization”.

The full program can be viewed here.