The role of media in the Arab uprisings, new contribution by MFT member

Prof. Dr. Carola Richter, associate professor for International Communication at the Freie Universität Berlin and a researcher in the MFT project, recently contributed the article “The revolution still needs to be televised. Erklärungsansätze zur Rolle der Medien in den Arabellionen” to a volume on social and political transformation processes in the Arab world since 2011. The volume entitled “Arabellion: Vom Aufbruch zum Zerfall einer Region?” [The ‘Arabellion’: from the Awakening to the Collapse of a Region?] and edited by Thomas Demmelhuber, Axel T. Paul and Maurus Reinkowski explores the reasons for the current political configurations in the Arab region using interdisciplinary, comparative and historical approaches. Prof. Dr. Richter’s analysis of the role of media in the 2011 uprisings contributes to a well-rounded overview of the region’s social and political transitions.

A link to the publisher’s website as well as the table of contents can be found here.